The first step towards Infinity

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Recently I have started doing a project where I intend to visualize Quine-McCluskey Algorithm . I have done working on a minimal version of it. Though it is not at all what I thought it would be. When I was working on the idea I thought I will visualize this algorithm with awes0me animation and artwork. But after finishing the project it looked so simple that I was hesitating to upload the project on github. Now I am going to tell you what I have learnt doing this project.

1. I am a terrible UI/UX designer

Thats true. I am a terrible UI/UX designer. I don’t have a speakable amount of color sense. I don’t understand which color will go with which one. And while doing code I didn’t think about the user. How much they will like it or how much they will understand the navigation system.

2. I am not good at code optimization

Yes, my code is what they called is spaghetti code. Even I don’t understand them when I looked at the code after only 2 days. And there is no comment. Than I understood why my teacher and mentors asking me for commenting code. Thought that after doing the code I will comment them out. But with all the joy of finishing the project I forgot to do commenting. And there is no documentation of my code. I can’t do documentation. Actually I knew that I won’t be able to document my code. I need to learn documenting my code.

You might think why the hell this person saying all the things that he can’t do or bad at. Because my friend I realize everyone has to start somewhere. You can not born with all the knowledge that needed to do this works. So, at first if you are facing this problem don’t get frustrated. This is ok if you don’t understand what to comment or what to document or why red is a bad color and simple whitish color is good. Everything will be alright. Now here is the true purpose of this post. I am telling you the problem I am facing while coding without mentor. If you have any suggestion for me please leave a comment.

Now One Good Thing

I realized that it is easy to code once you figured it out in your mind. Once you finished with your strategy of tackling a problem start coding. It will take no time. The project I am talking about I have done this within hours after 4–5 days of thinking. I know you are laughing. Thinking wow so much bragging. Yes it is right. But from my situation I consider it worth bragging. i don’t know either javascript or HTML,CSS well enough. And I have written this project without any framework. All raw code. Stackoverflow helped a lot.

Here is a live version of the project.

Any suggestion (about UI/UX or how to animate the algorithm process) and pull request(with modified code, readable code, documentaion , code for visualising new algorithm) is welcome.

I am willing to make this small project a big one. I want to visualize as much algorithm as I can.

If you have any suggestion for me or for this project feel free to comment.

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